“Chicago’s HogFight” began in 2013 at tavern and eatery Mahoney’s Pub & Grille and continues annually outdoors on Racine, just adjacent to the pub. The concept is simple: Several (up to a dozen at a time so far) of Chicago’s best chefs throw down on a whole hog, one of them will be crowned “HogFather” for a year and be awarded $1,000.00 in prize money.

In addition to unlimited pork, typical side dishes will also be available in limited quantities, and the entire Mahoney’s menu will be available inside the adjacent restaurant.

Live entertainment and games will also be present, making for a very fun-in-the-sun day!



The meat is judged in 4 categories, or cuts of meat: Loin, Belly, Shoulder and Ham – and is judged by 2 audience members and one celeb foodie per category. Each category is awarded a prize and the highest overall score is awarded “HogFather”!

Double Blind

To set the judging, each restaurant is assigned a color. We then present each a styrofoam container for each category they are competing in, coded with that assigned color. As meat arrives at the judging area, it is transferred to a serving tray and assigned a number to correlate with the judge’s score sheet. No restaurant names are ever spoken in the judging area, and there is nothing to identify where the meat is from in the presentation.

The Criterion

Each cut is scored on a scale of 1-10 for Appearance, Aroma and Taste. The meat is passed and sampled around the table and the judges complete their score sheets. After each judge has finished and left the area, the sheets are tallied. First, second and third place are determined based on their scores. We repeat this process for each of the 4 categories with a fresh crew of judges for each.

Once all the scores are tallied, the highest score of the day is awarded the coveted “HogFather”



Over the years Chicago’s HogFight has succeeded both in producing a hugely popular annual event, and in raising thousands of dollars for various charities.


For more info, call 312-664-6656 ext 124. We recommend getting your tickets early.